Programmatic Simplified

Audience store firmly believes in simplifying the programmatic advertising world for all types advertisers with all kinds of campaigns goals.


Our Agnostic Approach


With thousands of advertising technology companies to choose from and millions upon millions of inventory and publishers sources to acquire it can be a tough exercise to take onboard for any size advertiser.

Our partners and clients trust us to make this selection process fair and easy because we are 100% focused on our client’s marketing goals which easily gives us the ability to produce bespoke brand safe campaign strategies that meet and exceed your marketing needs.


Ad Verification

We treat ad viewability as standard in all our campaigns. Combining industry-measured methodologies with ad fraud technology, we ensure the best viewability coverage.




Viewability as a metric is used to analyse how much of your creative is in view at any time.

Optimising towards a higher viewability rating generates better overall performance including cost per click and video completions.


Ad fraud


defined as any deliberate activity that prevents ads from being served to human users. No matter the cause—illegal bot activity, historically fraudulent URLs, or specific page-level. Removing fraud ensures your marketing budget is maximised.


Brand Safety


It’s important to put your message in the right environment. Prior to any activity going live we move all unauthorised inventory Categories as well as any media relating to adult, downloads, weapons, alcohol and drugs, tobacco, terrorism, etc.


Audience & Data


Our agnostic approach means we have access to billions of customer interactions across multiple devices across the entire internet – The ability to target your ads at a granular level, whether it be audience, behavioural, cross device, or contextual Provides marketers with an array of options to connect with audiences.

Delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time is the Holy Grail for the modern marketer, and better audience and data lead targeting gives them far greater confidence and scale in their ability to do this.


GDPR Compliant


All of our services adhere to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
and are based on the principles of transparency and accountability.




Our proprietary platform integrates ad serving, Demand Side Platform and Data Management Platform data all in one interface 24/7 to make your reporting and decision making easier and more effective.


Customer Service


Audience Store programmatic specialists are 100% committed to supporting client’s questions, queries and ideas. Email us, Text us, we don’t bite – Let’s talk and find the most innovative and effective solutions to maximise the value for your brand.

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