AudienceStore identifies your website visitors, purchasers and more.


Using this data we identify similar profiles across the web based on similar behavioUr attributes.


Your ad is then shown by AudienceStore to this highly relevant audience.

Our Approach

AudienceStore work closely with all clients to understand the true value of each customer. In Prospecting, our data teams use the most advanced digital Audience suppliers (inventory sources) across the global programmatic media landscape in order to accurately find the right audience for our clients to target their campaign message. Due to our unrestricted, agnostic approach to media buying, Audience Store’s trading teams can use a combination of flexible buying models such as Open exchange Audience bidding (using 3rdparty data) Private Market place deals (PMP) or programmatic guaranteed (direct buys) to ensure we efficiently reach the right prospecting audiences.

Our Aim


Using our flexible media buying approach, we aim to target the most relevant and personalized campaign creative message to the most appropriate prospecting audiences across multiple screens.

The Results

These results are based on a shopping and entertainment complex whose goal was to promote and build awareness of seasonal events and essentially drive footfall on the day.

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