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Programmatic Audio an introduction. – By Nigel D’Cruze Sales Director

It may be the least flashy of digital channels, but more than a century after the introduction of broadcast radio, audio is hotter than ever. Few media experiences are as personal as audio. The songs and stories we choose to listen to reflect our moods and lifestyles, suit our current activities and fill our minds as we go about daily life.

Because it’s uniquely intimate and immersive, audio—unlike display and video—doesn’t depend on our undivided attention to make an impression. Audio makes it possible to deliver impressions without fearing overcrowded pages, ad blockers, adjacent browser tabs or even fraudsters.

Listening to audio is revolutionising. Let’s look at how we digest music now compared to 1980’s. The last time we had an audio revolution was the introduction of the “Walkman” there were other personal listening devices. In the age of mobility, audio also flows across the places of our lives as no other format can, from the shaving mirror and kitchen counter, to the car or bike, to the office, gym or dinner party.


There are two strands to the evolution of audio. It’s not just how we are listening to music but the ownership of this music gives marketers increased opportunities to target listeners.


On a fundamental level, the intensifying interest around audio advertising is being driven by a simple fact: Consumers love digital audio. From artist-centric radio stations and personalised playlists to the ground breaking “Serial” podcast such as James Corden’s car pool karaoke with Michelle Obama, there’s content to suit every taste and moment.

While phones and other mobile devices have contributed greatly to the audio explosion, they’re not the whole story. Audio is being streamed across multiple environments and devices—not just desktop and mobile, but also connected devices, cars and planes. Hence Samsung buying connected car firm Harmen for $8bn last week.

Even without images, the rise of digital audio—both as a medium and as an ad opportunity—is easy to see. A new Advertising Age survey with The Trade Desk corroborates this impending boom; while the adoption numbers for digital audio advertising are relatively low, they are expected to grow more than 65% in the next year. At the same time, 38.6% of respondents say digital audio is an important part of their marketing mix.


4 What is happening already?

More than a quarter of current digital audio buyers are already doing business programmatically, and more than a third will be doing so two years from now. The IAB facilitated this growth with the inclusion of digital audio content in its Open RTB 2.4 specs released in March

Most of the technical heavy lifting to enable programmatic audio has already been done, with earlier innovations in display and video have given marketers a head start in understanding the new audio models now being introduced.

The shift from terrestrial radio to digital makes real targeting possible for the first time, around content as well as users, and that’s extremely interesting for a marketer who didn’t see the value or have the budget on running on a single radio station. This has been magnified further due to the consolidation in the radio market place leading to a decline in the diversity of programming types in traditional broadcast.

Audience Store view

We have already seen interest from our clients on programmatic audio. Therefore we have set up a facility for us to serve programmatic audio that offers a full market offering, the same as we do for display.

We will give full market access and make sure that our programmatic advertising solution has greater reach than using a single access point. – meaning we have greater access to potential customers. Aligned with our proprietary reporting software allows you to build a more accurate picture of campaign performance.

As this whole market is in its infancy we will pass on any learnings we have to maximise the performance on your campaigns. Programmatic audio will be a very good cost effective method to any current radio campaigns as well as a natural progression on digital broadcast campaigns.

Why is this well programmatic audio can off the moments that matter, this means that you can reach the right audience at the right time and place with the right message.

Who are the right audience? Well the answer is pretty much anybody and the best bit is that as the hardware evolves programmatic audio will be the main supplier of radio ads, as programmatic is for display today.

The good point is we can hit the hard to reach audiences that don’t listen to broadcast audio. As well as those who do listen.

For information on how we can help you or for information please call on 0203 865 0904 or email


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