If you’re new to the industry, it is easy to be confused by the acronyms that are thrown around when speaking about Programmatic, such as DSP (demand side platform), SSP (supply side platform) and DMP (data management platform). It is not a complicated model to understand, once simplified, however.

Programmatic can be more simply defined as the automation of media buying and selling. It is utilised for anything from display to video on demand (VoD), television and digital out of home.

The way the world digests media is changing and, as an advertiser, you will understandably want to stay ahead of the game and be informed of the best mediums, timeslots and data analysis methods to connect to your audience across any device.

Using the latest ad technology, data and insights, we inform advertisers of the best methods to reach audiences, supporting brands and advertisers to enhance their campaign’s messages to sell their products and services at scale with performance in mind every step of the way.

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