Digital Trends to look out for in 2019

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The IAB Future Trends Seminar saw speakers exploring the present and future of digital advertising through a number of interactive talks, addressing the key trends that have shown consistent growth in 2018 and predicting those that will most likely influence the industry within the next year. A few of the main trends discussed are outlined below:


Ever increasing adoption of data-driven approach

Despite up to 37% of businesses still not using targeting techniques in online advertising, data is bigger than ever and creativity alone is just not enough to generate results. Brands all over the world have moved towards a more data driven approach, collecting, monitoring and measuring data, ultimately making these insights the starting point of their strategy.


Rise of AI

Technology today plays a core role in people’s lives and brands can now also capitalise from “live moments”. Indeed, due to the rising importance of real time experiences and the technological advancements of the digital world, smart TVs, apps and social media have become more interactive than ever. Virtual reality can be easily experienced on social and e-gaming platforms. Voice-controlled devices have figuratively become part of the modern family, with a series of new tech appliances here to make our houses “smarter”.
Brands can therefore benefit from the growth of artificial intelligence. Thanks to its wide application across the digital landscape and its innovativeness, AI can in fact help tackling some of the industry most pressing challenges, including content creation, targeting and brand safety features.


‘Rising Stars’: AR, VR, Bots & Podcasts

2019 will also see some “rising stars” gain increased relevance.
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies play with the existing environment and functionality to create user interaction and engagement. While AR can maximise device performance, creating more interactive experiences by modelling and simulating reality, VR can give customers a first-hand experience of the company’s value propositions and how these could integrate into their lives.
Other rising trends include bots that will be able to interpret voice commands, communicating better with online users and allowing brands to get closer to customers. Also, it is predicted that podcasts we will continue to grow in popularity and innovation, paving the way for the next generation of interactive radio and providing more interactive and innovative audio advertising opportunities.

If properly integrated into broader strategies, these tech trends will allow businesses to build user engagement, be it emotional or intellectual, and create more meaningful customer experiences.

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