Our Approach

Automating media planning, selecting OOH locations based on geographic data:


We onboard data points such as Digital posters, physical store location and transport hubs.


analySe the contextual environment of each area/region and build a highly targeted audience.


deliver relevant ads to users in each region with RELEVANT MESSAGING AND CREATIVE.

IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO Sync OOH media planning with a mobile campaign to reach users in areas without OOH posters:

outside digital banner and its location on map

Targeting & Measurement Strategies

Automated OOH media planning

Our location-based platforms allow you to build automated OOH media planning . All powered by our unique geo-targeted MAPPING technologies.

Automated OOH audience planning

Build automated audience planning powered by contextual location and user data

OOH Mobile Retargeting

With mobile ReTARGETING, we can find who HAVE passed an out of home poster and use this to trigger mobile ads. Clever, right?


Measuring the uplift of shop visit rates after an OOH campaign

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