Navigate your programmatic marketing during a consumer confidence crisis

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In spite of a new report from YouGov Real time revealing UK consumer confidence is at a new record low at -49 following the mini-budget announcement from the government, Audience Store campaigns are still outperforming the market expectation and delivering both great reach and frequency KPIs as well as strong ROAS for performance campaigns

Whether we are living through boom or bust times the fundamental task of advertising remains the same – to communicate the benefits of using a product/service in ways that make it worth the price to be paid for it.

The benefit of doing this by using programmatic is that we can maximise the efficiency of your advertising budget by targeting the right people, with a higher propensity to engage and/or buy and we can continually optimise inflight. Compared to TV and other reach channels, there is relatively little budget waste.

For most brands the next year will see changes in their consumers shopping habits, ensuring campaign effectiveness by using data signals to identify customers who are truly in-market to purchase will be crucial to growth. Programmatic will continue to be intrinsic to achieving this.


How to cut through the noise in the current economic climate

Be Targeted 

The effects of the cost-of-living squeeze will be very unevenly distributed.

The bottom 20% of households have had stagnant incomes since the last recessions, so it will be hit especially hard; the wealthiest still have a financial cushion of Covid savings.

Smart brands will tailor their messages to different cohorts using third-party data and Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) to ensure ads are personalised to each and every consumer.


Be in the right context

Going into the busiest time of the year for advertising when budgets are stretched to their thinnest, brands can gain an advantage through planning for context.

This  year we not only have the normal Black Friday and Christmas season quickly approaching but, we also have the 2022 FIFA World Cup starting in November which will add to the noise that advertisers need to cut through in order to reach their consumers.

Shoppers will be looking to save money by planning major purchases around pay day; searching for offers online, visiting value retailers and using vouchers.

Each of these behaviours creates a media context that can be targeted via programmatic advertising to ensure we are hitting consumer with contextual ads at exactly the right moment.


How can we help you?

Audience Store is an Ultra Targeted Media Solution that enables advertisers to reach their audience at scale across a range of channels in an efficient data driven way. We specialise in connecting any advertiser to any audience across any screen.

Speak to our team of specialists today and see how you can reach your audience in an efficient data driven way

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