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Audience Store offers a suite of creative formats and strategies ranging from branding focused formats to ROI centric dynamic strategies. One of the points that differentiates us from other trading desks is our policy of putting creative first. We do this, as this method will give you: Stronger brand recall, higher user engagement, increased campaign performance across all devices.


HTML5 Creatives

First for standard creatives, if we are building your creatives we will always use HTML5. This is because it is an optimal format for creatives, as it is so versatile. With this format we have the ability to create complicated animation, which is not feasible with gifs or other types of images, e.g. coins rolling in or fading images and text. It works on all browsers and devices, unlike flash creatives which would not run on mobiles. This also means that the back up image is less likely to be served, giving optimal performance for the creative. Lastly, HTML5 allows for better quality images that flash and gifs, hence superior ads.


Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO)

In basic terms, DCO is a creative template with interchangeable content e.g. text, images, offer and call to action. It has the ability to create multiple iterations of an ad within one creative shell. We can optimise according to audience, in real-time, and within each product range, specific creatives can be updated based upon business priorities.

This is a method we use to test different variables in creative to see which works best. There can be up to 3 variables, within one creative shell, out of the list below:

  • Images
  • Text
  • Colour
  • Videos
  • Exit URLs
  • CTA

This is beneficial because the creative iteration which has the most engagements will be served the most. The data collected from DCO can be used to influence future campaigns and creatives.


Dynamic Retargeting

This type of creative is our most personalised. It is specific to each user as it targets each customer on your website, with ads personalised to what they have been viewing. We specially design a template to your brand specifications. Not only this but we can add different animation and frames, as well as having a dynamic product carousel.

By using this method, we will be able to recommend users the best offer from the entire product catalogue, in turn users are more likely to convert. Reminding users of products, they may have left in their basket but not bought. Meaning users higher up purchase funnel will be targeted. Optimizing campaign performance by dynamically selecting the creative components that will drive the most engagement


Lightbox Ads

Lightbox ads provide the opportunity to strengthen, the brand-to-audience relationship and create stimulating, eye-catching ads. Lightbox ads are triggered, when users choose to expand the standard ad size to a full screen takeover, after hovering over a teaser image for 2 continuous seconds.

This type of advert gives advertisers the opportunity to encourage user engagement. This is done through multiple channels of rich, creative and captivating displays. E.g. video, image, maps or a combination. Once expanded the user can choose to click through to the websites landing page.

A great benefit of these engagement ads is, the elimination of accidental clicks that may otherwise occur, improving the users experience. Lightbox ads are priced by a Cost Per Engagement (CPE) pricing model. Therefore, advertisers only pay once a user has engaged, offering a better value. They offer a fully responsive design for desktop, tablet, and mobile; allowing its content to take centre stage, maximising user engagement and brand awareness.


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