Supporting IAB Tech Labs adoption of ads.txt to drive transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

AudienceStore continue its commitment to drive transparency in the programmatic ecosystem and as such fully support the move to transact inventory with Authorised Digital Sellers (ads.txt).

The ads.txt initiative is an industry wide solution led by IAB to ensure that the digital inventory bought and sold throughout the supply chain is authorised. Ads.txt solves the issue of counterfeit media and therefore encourages brand safety and reduces fraudulent activity from the ecosystem.

AudienceStore is devoted to ensuring that the inventory bought is legitimate and verified by all members of the supply chain. Being transparent and tackling ad fraud is a key component of our approach to campaign management, and on behalf of all clients the aim is to ensure the highest quality of inventory is secured.

Where an ads.txt file is present AudienceStore will purchase inventory from authorised sellers only. In the absence of an ads.txt file Audience Store will recommend that the publisher adopts ads.txt at the earliest opportunity.

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